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Friday Favorites for October 7, 2016

It's the first week of October and here's my weekly collection of my favorite things this week (excluding my newborn nephew, which I'm not allowed to post about yet!)


I'm wayyyy late to this, and to be honest, I don't even remember when it was in theaters. But, the husband wanted to watch it last night and I thought I'd last for about twenty minutes. I ended up watching the whole damn thing and enjoyed every damn minute of it. Premise: Female bunny who has been told "you're too small to accomplish anything" her whole life becomes a cop in the big city. Of course, she's underestimated there, too, until she has to team up with a hustling fox to solve a major conspiracy. And spoiler alert: SHE SAVES THE DAY. Obviously, I resonated with the poor bunny being underestimated because of her optimism and small stature, but they tackled bigger issues like learning to accept others because of their differences. Because at the end of the day, guys, it doesn't matter if you're a predator or prey... we all have to find a way to get along in our own kingdom. Also, I may've had a tiny crush on the fox voiced by Jason Bateman. Sorry, not sorry.

The Girl on the Train

Admittedly, this is another one I'm clearly late to the party on (I've been busy, guys!) And, if I'm being really honest, I actually read this last week, but... I read it in one day and couldn't put it down. Yes, it is reminiscent of "Gone Girl." And yes, there is a "twist." And yes, you'll probably see the twist coming. But, to me, a mark of an enjoyable read is when you can't wait to see what happens next. And I couldn't wait. The story is also narrated by three women-- each of which is complicated, cunning, and gives you plenty of reasons to root for and against them. It was refreshing to have well-rounded female characters who weren't defined just by their looks or baby-making abilities. Although, I will say (and not to spoil anything), one of the best parts of the book was not trying to figure out the mystery, but how each woman had a very distinct connection to motherhood and how that defined her actions. I don't know if reading the novel made me want to see the movie more, but I'll happily watch it when it's inevitably on HBO next year.

Cabi's Lodge Shirt

Copyright: Cabi Clothing

This really could be a post devoted to Cabi, since my wardrobe is now very devoted to the fashion line, but I'll focus on this shirt that is both perfect for fall and perfect for me! Cute, cozy plaid? Check. Soft, feminine ruffles, check? A shirt that goes with skinny jeans, boots, or a skirt and heels? DOUBLE CHECK. I never thought I could have such intense feelings for a shirt, but alas...

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