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Friday Favorites: Paige Jeans, Fitbit, Givenchy Perfume

This week's collection of Friday Favorites is admittedly a collection of birthday gifts-- I'm a lucky girl!

Paige Denim Jeans

I'd had my eye on these jeans for awhile, but have failed to pull the trigger since they come with a hefty price tag. Just a word about me and my relationship with jeans: I'm short with a tiny waist and not so tiny hips. Jeans shopping is not a pleasant experience. Everyone has raved about Paige jeans and the absolutely live up to the hype and are well worth the price tag. They fit perfectly-- they're the only jeans I haven't had to alter, the fabric is so soft and dreamy, and not to mention they make my ass look amazing. Huge fan.


Yes, I know, most people have had their fitbits for awhile now, but I'm just hopping on the train. I got a Charge HR and I'm already very in love with it. And just as I always suspected: I burn calories as I type! For a writer, this is HUGE. Between this and starting my Whole 30 this week, I already feel healthier.

Givenchy Dahlia Divin Perfume

A few years ago, I started a tradition of buying a new perfume for myself on my birthday. It felt like an indulgent gift and allowed me to experiment with scents. It also helped that this tradition started while I was on vacation in Paris (and that, ladies and gentleman, may be the most pretentious sentence I've ever typed!) I did one of those scent match quizzes and this was the result. I know, it's totally risky to buy an expensive perfume without sniffing it first, but 31 is proving to be a bit of a risk-taking year (I kid, I kid). The second I sprayed this on myself, I was in love, and never felt sexier. I've felt more confident while wearing it and have been told I smile divine (this is true, someone told me this today). My tradition may be over because this may now be my forever scent.

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