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List: Sunday Rituals

We all know Sundays are made for sleeping in, brunch, and football, but, they can also help you get a great jumpstart to the week! Below are my top picks to get you in the right frame of mind to tackle the week ahead.

1. Grocery Shopping

A habit I inherited from my parents, but doing the weekly grocery shopping on Sunday just feels right. Bonus: they usually have deals starting on Sunday and are fully stocked.

2. Food Prep

Once you have your food for the week, spend a couple hours making and then freezing lunches, breakfasts, and dinner, so all you have to do is defrost and bam... instant food! This is such a time-saver during the week.

3. Bake

Since you're already in the kitchen, why not try out a new recipe? I love to bring in treats to the office the next day. It makes Mondays a little easier and a whole lot sweeter.

4. Plan out the Week

Take some time to go over your schedule for the week and make plans if there's some open slots. I also like to plan out my meals, outfits, and things I need to tackle around the house.

5. Weekly Goals

Think about major things you want to accomplish in the next week. I also try to find something to be thankful for / look forward to.

6. Laundry

Self-explanatory. There's no better way to start the week than with fresh and clean clothes.

7. Change Sheets on the Bed

Pretty much the same thing as laundry, but it's easier to forget to make a habit of it. I sleep so much better when there's fresh sheets and depending on the weather, I'll add (or remove) comforters.

8. Relax

Probably the most important thing to do- take some time to R-E-L-A-X. Nap, read, catch up on TV... whatever chills you out.

9. Make a Nice Dinner

I like to call it "Sunday Supper" and it usually consists of a hearty-meal that takes a few hours to prepare (and since you have the time, you may as well use it!) Sunday is also an ideal time to bust out the slow-cooker and let the aroma waft into the house all day. Bonus points if you invite some friends over to enjoy your labor.

10. Phone Dates

Catch up with friends, grandparents, and anyone else you're too busy to check in with during the week. The best part: you can chat from the comforts of your couch while wearing sweatpants!

11. Yoga or Meditation

I love doing a sunset yoga or meditation on Sundays to "set my intention for the week." Cheesy? Yes. Effective? You bet.

12. Get Some Exercise

Another great way to spend a Sunday? Hiking or going for a long walk solo or with friends. Do it in the morning so you won't feel guilty for lazing around the rest of the day.

13. At-Home Spa

One of my favorite Sunday rituals is turning my bathroom into an at-home spa. I put on a face mask, fill the tub with a bath bomb, use my favorite body scrub, and sometimes (when I'm really ambitious) paint my nails. It leaves my skin and mind blissed out and looking fab for the week ahead.

14. Organize Mail

Not as fun, but another necessary Sunday to-do. I'm not a "go through the mail every day" type gal, so I try and sort through everything once a week to avoid the pile-up (and the "oops, did I forget to pay something" freak out).

15. Catch up on Television

How else are you going to be able to converse with people during the week?

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